To the Loud Wind and Other Poems (1955)
Exiles and Marriages
The Dark Houses (1958)
A Roof of Tiger Lilies (1964)
The Alligator Bride (1969)
The Yellow Room: Love Poems (1971)
The Town of Hill (1975)
A Blue Wing Tilts at the Edge of the Sea: Selected Poems, 1964-1974 (1975)
Kicking the Leaves (1978)
The Toy Bone (1979)
The Happy Man (1986)
The One Day (1988)
Old and New Poems (1990)
Here at Eagle Pond (1992)
The Museum of Clear Ideas (1993)
The Old Life (1996)
Without (1998)
The Painted Bed (2002)
White Apples and the Taste of Stone (2006)

String Too Short to Be Saved: Recollections of Summers on a New England Farm (1961)
Henry Moore: The Life and Work of a Great Sculptor (1966)
As the Eye Moves: A Sculpture by Henry Moore (1970)
Marianne Moore: The Cage and the Animal (1970)
The Pleasures of Poetry (1971)
Writing Well (1974)
Dock Ellis in the Country of Baseball (1976)
Remembering Poets: Reminiscences and Opinions–Dylan Thomas, Robert Frost, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound (1978)
Goatfoot Milktongue Twinbird: Interviews, Essays, and Notes on Poetry, 1970-76 (1978)
To Keep Moving: Essays, 1959-1969 (1980)
To Read Literature (1980)
The Weather for Poetry: Essays, Reviews, and Notes on Poetry, 1977-81 (1982)
Fathers Playing Catch with Sons: Essays on Sport (1985)
Winter (1986)
Seasons at Eagle Pond (1987)
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Poetry and Ambition (1988)
Life Work (1993)
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Old Home Day (1994)
The Farm Summer, 1942 (1994)
Principal Products of Portugal: Prose Pieces (1995)
The Best Day The Worst Day: Life with Jane Kenyon (2005)

An Evening’s Frost
Bread and Roses (1975)
Ragged Mountain Elegies (1983)

For Children
Andrew the Lion Farmer (1959)
Riddle Rat (1977)
Ox-Cart Man (1979)
The Man Who Lived Alone (1984)
I Am the Dog, I Am the Cat (1994)
Summer of 1944 (1994)
Lucy’s Christmas (1994)
Lucy’s Summer (1995)
Old Home Day (1996)
When Willard Met Babe Ruth (1996)
The Milkman’s Boy (1997)