February 2009
06: Barry Gifford: “True Love”
03: Susan Stewart: “First Idyll”

January 2009
30: Robert Pinsky: “Last Robot Song”
28: C.P. Cavafy: “It Must Have Been the Spirits”
23: Franz Wright: “Learning to Read”
22: Nathalie Anderson: “Eh?”
16: Michael Robbins: “Alien vs. Predator”
13: Louise Glück: “At the River”
09: Richard Wilbur: “Anterooms” and “Trismegistus”
05: Liz Waldner: “The Sovereignty and the Goodness of God, Together with the Faithfulness of His Promises Displayed”

December 2008
30: Arthur Vogelsang: “The Fifth Season”
26: Dan Chiasson: “Thread”
22: Roger Angell: “Greetings, Friends!”
19: Michael Dickman: “My Autopsy”
16: Jonathan Aaron: “Acting Like a Tree”
12: Richard Wilbur: “Terza Rima”
10: Bob Hicok: “As I Was Saying”
08: Stanley Moss: “Peace”
05: Clive James: “The Signing Ceremony”
01: Charles Simic: “Master of Disguises”

November 2008
26: Rita Dove: “The Bridgetower”
20: Robert Wrigley: “Exxon”
19: C.K. Williams: “The Coffin Store”
17: Eamon Grennan: “From This to That”
13: Jack Gilbert: “Summer at Blue Creek, North Carolina”
11: Rae Armantrout: “Prayers”
10: W.S. Merwin: “Alba”
07: Gerald Stern: “The Crossing”
01: Ruth Padel: “Learning to Make an Oud in Nazareth”

October 2008
23: Gary Snyder: “Mu Ch’i’s Persimmons”
22: Frederick Seidel: “Poem by the Bridge at Ten-Shin”
21: Donald Hall: “Nymph and Shepherd”
17: Spencer Reece: “Eclogue”
15: Albert Goldbarth: “The Way”
13: Bryan Dietrich: “Electra Woman”
10: Rosanna Warren: “Romanesque”
06: Anne Carson: “Tag”

September 2008
30: John Ashbery: “The Virgin King”